Harmonious Planning

Any development step for any application or any project we make several meetings for guaranty quality and stability.

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Easy Integration

One of our targets is to make all our applications integrated with any solutions or systems to make stability and automation between them.

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Superior Support

We are standby to provide superior support for our clients 24/7 to make quality service with hi-reliability.

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Why Us?

The experts and spechalesting that we have them are the our secret in success, We are believe when we have a strong resources of Competent engineers, We will be on the top.

We have a lots of success storys that happened with our experts to fix any issues that face them during the support so no need for worry we are ready for assist.
The secret of Hi quality in our applications are those different technology that we use them to build all clients needs of systems.
Through the services that we provide for our clients and the success storys that we life with them, we get a big reports that reverse a clear results with a huge numbers.

Recent Projects

Shown below the latest projects we were worked on with our clients and they were the top three projects.

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Umm Al-Qura University SYNK

One of the biggest customers that we have because it is one of the biggest Universities in Saudi Arabia.

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University of Business and Technology SYNK

UBT University is one of the distinguished clients, and the Sync project is one of the most important projects that distinguish the university with it.


We carry in our technical portfolio a lot of regulations that cover the need of work in all its aspects in any technical and administrative field of any institution, company or government agency.

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Identity Management & Automation Between Systems

0 Automate Provisioning/De provisioning Active directory users.
0 Secured solutions.
0 Easy to implement and use.
0 Simple API Connectors with different data sources.
0 Multiple workers against different data sources.
0 Flexible and extendable using Pipelines.
0 Can be developed by using any programming languages like C#, java and php.

P Manager: Faisal Alghamdi

Executive: Ahmed Naji

Client: UQU

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Mange your Active Directory like a pro.

0 Easy access to all Active Directory tools.
0 Create users whether one or a group of users from a single screen.
0 Delete and restore any objects in the Active Directory easily and through a single screen.
0 Move any of the objects in the Active Directory individually or collectively through a single screen as well.
0 A special screen of deleted objects is characterized by easy through which can restore anything deleted.
0 A special screen dealing with the e-mail server in terms of full management, whether the mail server is local or in the cloud.
0 The reports screen contains a huge amount of reports through which fateful decisions can be made regarding the management of objects.

P Manager: Faisal Alghamdi

Executive: Hisham Bin Atiyah

Client: UQU

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Make the right decisions and make a successful investment

0 The possibility of creating an unlimited number of portfolios.
0 The possibility of creating sub-portfolios.
0 The possibility of creating an unlimited number of projects.
0 The possibility of adding an unlimited number of tasks.
0 The possibility of adding an unlimited number of teams to each project.
0 The ability to specify the budget for each project with detailed financial details.
0 The possibility of linking with the various systems in the system.
0 Flexible and detailed reports.
0 The possibility of inserting sub-tasks.
0 The possibility of assigning priority to tasks.
0 The possibility of attaching an unlimited number of files and attachments to the project and tasks.
0 An internal discussion system for each project.
0 A comment system for every task within the project.
0 Flexible and detailed permissions.

Project Manager: Dr. Fahad

Executive: Ahmed Naji

Client: Ministry of EDU


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We have enough services to make customers choose us because it's covered all the needs related to them.

Infrastructure Formation

We design the infrastructure according to international specifications and standards of all sizes, such as Terre 1, 2 and 3, and provide all equipment, cables and licenses necessary for that.

Systems Implementation

We provide special systems from our partners to our customers with the necessary licenses, with high professionalism.

KPI Optimization

We design solutions with smart dashboards that provide Performance Indicators that let the decision maker tack Delicate action in hard time.

Information Security

We have a suite of security solutions that can be your shield of attackers, we provide them to our clients to guarantee the security for them.

Solutions Development

Usually, the need drives us to search for a solution for that, and in addition to the solutions that we have, we can build any solution you need for any problem you face.

Materials Supply

We provide any hardwares, software and licenses that related for any solutions that you need in your datacenter.

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